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Specializing in guiding conscious (or want to be conscious) people to heal & access their inner power to manifest their unique life



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Transformation takes time, and sometimes it feels like it is never going to happen but with the right tools, support & perseverance, it is possible. 



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  • Recovering from abuse/ trauma (childhood abuse, psychic abuse, mind control, exploitation in general), finding your original essence and learning to thrive.

  • Self-leadership: how to be the leader of your own life and take charge of your path.

  • Relationships, deepening communication between partners, clearing obstacles that affect them, how to stay present while processing pain.

  • Mental Health and Emotional issues

  • Recovering from addictions such as drugs, sex, people, food, work, spending... Finding and healing underlying pain for permanent healing.

  • Performance and expression: athletic, acting, the mental game, mindset coach

  • Creativity & Manifestation

  • Self Image and Weight loss, Wellness & Accountability Coaching

  • Chakra and Aura cleansing - it's practical! chords, karma, past life resolving, family issues, birth spiritual agreement, creating freedom, kundalini energy.

  • Combining spiritual detox with physical detoxing is the most powerful combo to heal permanently and sustainably.

  • Medical intuition, where spiritual healing can clear the original pattern of illness




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Committed, fearless, and results-oriented. 


Lisa’s extensive Mind/Body training and science background give her a unique understanding of energy and how it works in the spirit/body interaction. All answers exist within, but we are programmed to ignore our innate wisdom. A fresh set of tools will help you dig out the nitty gritty of past pain and empower you to enhance and deepen your mind, body, spirit connection - the space where magic explodes. Lisa can help you do this more efficiently so you can enjoy the rewards quicker. 


Lisa is an astute educator and coach with over twenty years of working experience as a meditation coach, spiritual counselor, and energetic healer. In addition, she has ten years of formal education in spirituality. Over the years, Lisa has helped many people access their inner power and truth, create goals with vision and clarity, and achieve greater results. She has a track record of helping people build their inner wisdom, strength, autonomy, awareness, contentment, and wellness.


Lisa started meditating and doing energy work officially in 1995 during a trying time in her life and career. She proceeded to complete a one-year certificate clairvoyant/healing program. She continued to advance training and then became a director of a healing institute, before branching off to start her own business. 


Lisa served at the Berkeley Psychic Institute/Church of Divine Man as a regent of the seminary, teacher, and regional manager over a period of 7 years. She also served as tour director and co-leader for the women & business goals retreat in Hawaii for 9 years. 


Lisa is also trained in hypnotherapy and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University and held positions for thirteen years as a consulting software engineer in Silicon Valley.  


She loves sharing techniques about energy awareness, meditation, and self-healing. “teach a man how to fish and feed him for a lifetime."


Lisa Araquistain


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