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Transform Grief and Pain

Updated: May 5, 2018

Grief is natural but is not always an accepted emotion in our culture. For example you aren’t supposed to cry in public and if you do you are supposed to apologize. There’s a great scene in the Courage Under Fire movie where Meg Ryan cries in front of a group of men and they try to use it to undermine her authority as a commander but she stops them in their tracks by saying “It's just tension, asshole. It doesn't mean shit.”

Sometimes it’s difficult to release grief since it isn’t ingrained in our culture as a normal natural frequent occurrence. So I find it effective to consciously process grief or it might end up sitting in your body as pain.

Even if you are not grieving a person or pet you may be grieving an old version of yourself, an old wound or an addiction.

I created a ten minute meditation for anyone wanting to process grief and transform it into positive change. Enjoy…

It is good to use headphones. Allow yourself to go within and not think too much. Just imagine what you want to get out of transforming grief.

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