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Spiritual Reading and Healing

Get a remote healing, on one topic through email

  • 30 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • through email

Service Description

Grounded in the principles of transformative energy work, I will enter a meditative trance, accessing my ability to look at and speak to your spirit and body. Prior to the healing, we will identify a specific area or request to work on. This might include resolving energy blockages that are repressing creative energies, identifying destructive thought patterns that are interfering with the quality of your romantic relationships, or perhaps addressing patterns of tension/physical pain. Some individuals opt for a general healing session, as opposed to selecting a specific area to work on. Once the session has begun, I will validate your energy and path through using my clairvoyance to view your energetic/spiritual body. Through partnering with your spirit, I will assist in transforming your energy, specifically in regards to what was reviewed in your consultation. You will receive the results of the reading/healing session via email 2 business days. Some individuals choose to sit quietly during the scheduled time to receive the healing, however, forgoing this will not decrease the effectiveness of the service. Healing sessions help you alter the structure of negative thought patterns, releasing obstructive energies and cleaning your inner world at its root. When I psychically read the energy related to your request, I then begin to move out unwanted and outdated programs and energetic structures, freeing your lifeforce energy to flow more smoothly and evenly. I close by helping you bring in your essence as a spirit, your “good fuel”. In order to be in a space most conducive for energetic healing, I ask individuals booking an appointment to schedule their session at least 24 hours in advance. Still have some questions? Reach out via email ( and I will be happy to answer them for you. Lisa

Contact Details

+ (310) 717-2238

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